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Diana Maltseva commented on Phillip Tracy's blog post Top 5 Industrial IoT use cases
"A great article, thank you for providing useful information! I agree that IoT is the real buzzwords in the technical world. And believe that nothing will change in the coming years. IoT solutions can be used in plenty of industries, from healthcare…"
Oct 21
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Oct 17
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Oct 17
Diana Maltseva liked Yuliya Gudkova's blog post IoT and AR Solutions’ Development Challenges and Use Cases
Oct 17
Diana Maltseva commented on Simon Fried's blog post IoT and Additive Manufacturing: Towards an Intelligent and Connected World of Electronics
"A great article. Now IoT solutions are becoming widely introduced in the manufacturing industry. By the way, this sector is poised to invest the most in IoT technology. In 2016 the IoT spending was $178 billion.
Now, it is growing at a rapid pace. I…"
Jul 9
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May 23
Diana Maltseva commented on Diana Maltseva's blog post The Internet of Things in Healthcare. Connected hospitals
"Here is a concept that is becoming a very popular topic, called the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT). Find out what is the IoMT and how IoT solutions are changing healthcare."
Oct 23, 2018
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Oct 16, 2018