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Gina Palladino commented on Sandeep raut's blog post Internet of (Medical) things in Healthcare
"Medical manufacturers must build secure IoT devices to protect patients, hospital networks and the world at large. To that end, they'll need to know if their firmware is secure. We're looking to support these manufacturers with firmware evaluations…"
May 24
Gina Palladino liked Bill McCabe's blog post Why is the IOT Catnip to Hackers ??
Mar 17
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Feb 7
Gina Palladino commented on Shane Owens's blog post Securing IoT Consumer Devices
"Test embedded firmware after compiling it and before sending it to production:"
Feb 7
Gina Palladino commented on Sam Elliott's blog post Securing the Internet of Everything
"Building secure embedded firmware can bolster the cybersecurity of IoT devices:"
Feb 7
Gina Palladino commented on Venkat Rajaji's blog post 5 Rules for Manufacturers in Securing the Internet of Things
"Manufacturers might also consider more fully securing their embedded firmware before production:"
Feb 7