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Michael Krol posted a blog post
The buzz around new yet revolutionary technology IoT doesn’t seem to stop any time sooner and there are ample reasons for this popularity. It is to be noted that IoT is neither about individual devices, sensors, apps, machines, etc. nor is it about…
Nov 5
What Is Salesforce Consulting?
What Is Salesforce Consulting & How Does Salesforce Consulting Work?
Michael Krol updated their profile
Oct 1
Michael Krol replied to Nima Mgh's discussion What kind of backend framework and structure would be suitable for a growing IoT project?
"AWS Lambda may be the best option for simple computations, analyzing sensors and sending alerts"
Oct 1
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Salesforce Support Services
Why Choose Girikon as a Salesforce Implementation Partner
Reliable Salesforce Support Services in Australia
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Aug 21
Michael Krol posted a blog post
                                                                                               Source - Salesforce “By 2020, 85% of customer interactions will be managed without a human” – GartnerPrior to jump into depth to sharing about ‘customer e…
Aug 21
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Jul 30
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Jul 16
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Jul 16
Michael Krol replied to Trieu Nguyen's discussion Best Examples of IoT
"Nest Smart Home
Kisi Smart Lock
Canary Smart Security System
DHL's IoT Tracking and Monitoring System
Cisco's Connected Factory
ProGlove's Smart Glove
Kohler Verdera Smart Mirror"
Jul 16
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