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IoT Central Team posted a blog post
By Tony Pisani
For midstream oil and gas operators, data flow can be as important as product flow. The operator’s job is to safely move oil and natural gas from its extraction point (upstream), to where it’s converted to fuels (midstream), to…
Jul 18
IoT Central Team posted a blog post
By GE Digital“The End of Cloud Computing.” “The Edge Will Eat The cloud.” “Edge Computing—The End of Cloud Computing as We Know It.”  Such headlines grab attention, but don’t necessarily reflect reality—especially in Industrial Internet of Things…
Jul 3
IoT Central Team posted a video
The IoT is transforming the software landscape. What was a relatively straightforward embedded software stack, has been revolutionized due to the IoT where developers juggle specialized workloads, security, machine learning, real-time connectivity,…
Jul 3
IoT Central Team posted a blog post
by Gus Vos
Unless you have been living under a rock, you have been seeing and hearing a lot about&nbsp5G these days. In addition, if you are at all involved in Internet of Things (IoT) or other initiatives at your organization that use cellular…
Jun 4
IoT Central Team posted a video
IoT Central, and hosting sponsor Arm, continue the successful Roundtable Series with a focus on the latest developments in edge to cloud computing and how it is advancing IoT.
Host Robert Wolff, from the Arm Developer Relations team, will kick…
May 25
IoT Central Team posted a video
Cellular IoT is changing. Integrating security at the smallest levels of a device with the integrated iSIM is a reality now and opening new paradigms of endpoint innovation. Manufacturers and businesses can now quickly move and innovate from concept…
May 21
IoT Central Team posted a blog post
By Bee Hayes-ThakoreThe Android Ready SE Alliance, announced by Google on March 25th, paves the path for tamper resistant hardware backed security services. Kigen is bringing the first secure iSIM OS, along with our GSMA certified eSIM OS and…
May 3
IoT Central Team posted a blog post
By Sachin KotasthaneIn his book, 21 Lessons for the 21st Century, the historian Yuval Noah Harari highlights the complex challenges mankind will face on account of technological challenges intertwined with issues such as nationalism, religion,…
Apr 23
IoT Central Team posted a blog post
Flowchart of IoT in Mining
by Vaishali Ramesh
Introduction – Internet of Things in Mining
The Internet of things (IoT) is the extension of Internet connectivity into physical devices and everyday objects. Embedded with electronics, Internet…
Apr 11
IoT Central Team posted a blog post
by Stephanie OverbyWhat's next for edge computing, and how should it shape your strategy? Experts weigh in on edge trends and talk workloads, cloud partnerships, security, and related issuesAll year, industry analysts have been predicting that…
Mar 26
IoT Central Team posted a blog post
IoT Sustainability, Data At The Edge.Recently I've written quite a bit about IOT, and one thing you may have picked up on is that the Internet of Things is made up of a lot of very large numbers.For starters, the number of connected things is…
Feb 25
IoT Central Team posted a blog post
Security has long been a worry for the Internet of Things projects, and for many organizations with active or planned IoT deployments, security concerns have hampered digital ambitions. By implementing IoT security best practices, however, risk can…
Feb 19
IoT Central Team posted a blog post
Skoltech researchers and their colleagues from Russia and Germany have designed an on-chip printed "electronic nose" that serves as a proof of concept for this kind of low-cost and sensitive devices to be used in portable electronics and healthcare.…
Feb 15
IoT Central Team posted a blog post
by Ariane Elena FuchsSolar power, wind energy, micro cogeneration power plants: energy from renewable sources has become indispensable, but it makes power generation and distribution far more complex. How the Internet of Things is helping make…
Feb 7
IoT Central Team posted blog posts
Feb 1
IoT Central Team posted a blog post
By Sanjay Tripathi, Kevin Egge, and Shane Kehoe
Each Industrial Revolution has been catalyzed by the convergence of technologies from multiple domains. Industry 4.0 is no different.
Machines were first introduced into a manual manufacturing process…
Jan 22

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