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James Branigan posted a blog post
An early theme of digital transformation was the notion of selling services rather than products. A contract with the “thing maker” to circulate cooling fluid throughout my factory rather than a purchase order for me to buy the pumps and filters nee…
Oct 23, 2017
James Branigan posted a blog post
To paraphrase Geoffrey Moore, smart “thing makers” are investing in IoT solutions for their customers today in order to generate more revenue for themselves tomorrow. Traditional hardware vendors are being commoditized and replaced whenever a cheape…
Oct 5, 2017
James Branigan posted a blog post
Data quality is one of the few fundamental truths to consider when architecting an IoT solution. Adopting a "pull" model for data sharing makes it easier to keep dirty data from infecting other systems and jeopardizing data quality across your enter…
Apr 3, 2017