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Jane Nova commented on David Oro's blog post The IoT-Connected Car of Today— Cases From Hertz, Nokia, NTT, Mojio & Concur Technologies
"Wow, this sounds amazing! Are we getting closer to that today, with the IoT vehicle telematics technology of 2019? I haven't thought it can go to this smart direction so fast. And do you think we're already in the phase of sufficient IoT low power…"
Sep 11, 2019
Jane Nova commented on David Oro's blog post How AI is driving business model change: The IoT and analytics-at-the-edge edition
"I have to say that the IoT vehicle telematics insurance part is absolutely fascinating. I've just started working at an insurance company and I heard about this patent, they say it's really changed the car insurance industry and that it's going to…"
Sep 8, 2019
Jane Nova replied to Trieu Nguyen's discussion Best Examples of IoT
"Thank you for this very interesting summary! I'm especially interested in the Cellular IOT market, where can I find reliable information? Thank you!"
Aug 22, 2019
Jane Nova commented on Andrew Nash's blog post Could it Be LTE? Identifying a Standard for the Internet of Things
"So how increased was the LTE coverage exactly? And how is it today?"
Aug 12, 2019
Jane Nova commented on Francisco Maroto's blog post MWC- The Great Illusionists Show
"The cellular iot was not surprising at all, it is the hottest and most important invention existing today, I think it's really the biggest change catalizator of the way we live, think and behave."
Aug 8, 2019
Jane Nova commented on David Oro's blog post The Internet of Things at Mobile World Congress
"If I remember correctly, they've also talked about the Low Power Chipset and how it changed the way IoT works with high performance abilities."
Aug 6, 2019
Jane Nova commented on David Oro's blog post The potential of cellular technologies for the great world of IoT
"Thank you for this article, it really clears things up! Is the Cat-M1 already available worldwide? "
Aug 1, 2019
Jane Nova commented on David Oro's blog post New Developments in IoT Connectivity
"Very interesting, thank you!
Could you be kind to explain what's the difference between NB-Iot and Cat-M1? I've read about it several time and still don't unnderstand it... Thanks!"
Jul 29, 2019
Jane Nova is now a member of IoT Central
Jul 3, 2019

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