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Jen McDade commented on Kayla Matthews's blog post The IoT Data Security Market Is Gaining Value — Thanks to Top Tech
"Very informative post especially for businesses who provides IoT solutions to keep the data safe and secure.Thanks for sharing it with us."
SafetyAware: Employee Safety Solutions

The tools and technology you need to ensure your workforce operates more safely and efficiently.
Jen McDade commented on Adam Flamberg's blog post IoT in Manufacturing Limitless Opportunities and Tangible Benefits
"Indeed very informative post. Keep up the good work! The near future of IT lies in the new generation technologies especially in IoT."
Apr 16
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Apr 16
Jen McDade posted a discussion
Could anybody help me to understand IoT impact in our daily lives? How IoT is bigger than industrial revolution to create a milestone in the world of internet?
Feb 9
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Feb 8
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Feb 6
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Feb 5
Jen McDade posted a discussion
IoT is trending today and there are various challenges and issues associated with it. One of the biggest challenges is security issues faced by IoT. What can be other challenges? Please comment to reply.
Feb 5
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Feb 1
Jen McDade posted a discussion
In today's world, IoT is trending and evolving in our daily life activities. Can anyone please elaborate the solutions we get from the IoT and how can it be more helpful and leverage to enhance the Lives of People.
Jan 31
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