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Kayla Matthews posted a blog post
Cybercrime is on the rise. Its costs are expected to exceed $6 trillion per year by 2021. Standard forms of authentication like pins and passwords are often not enough to prevent an attack, which is why we see two-factor and multifactor authenticati…
Jul 12
Kayla Matthews posted a blog post
Although many lawmakers decide it’s necessary to oversee the Internet of Things (IoT) industry in some regard, they don’t always agree on how to do it.However, the House Digital Commerce Subcommittee recently approved an act that could be the first…
Jun 24
Kayla Matthews commented on Kayla Matthews's blog post The IoT Data Security Market Is Gaining Value — Thanks to Top Tech
"I'm glad you found it useful, Jen! Thanks for the comment :)
Jun 21
Kayla Matthews posted a blog post
Many people primarily think of Intel as a computer chip manufacturer, but it’s on the cutting edge of technology in other ways for its role in building PCs, software, 5G connectivity solutions and much more.Recently, Intel announced plans for its Op…
May 25
Kayla Matthews posted a blog post
The Internet of Things (IoT) has rapidly become more prominent in today’s society. With the rise of those Wi-Fi-enabled, data-gathering devices come increasing security concerns, especially from the business leaders who still determine if and when t…
Apr 17
Kayla Matthews posted a blog post
The IoT is already shaping modern society in various ways. While many of these are positive aspects that result in streamlined communications, easier access to information and a greater quality of life, there are some major roadblocks in the push to…
Mar 12
Kayla Matthews posted a blog post
 The Internet of Things — or IoT — is taking the IT sector by storm. Although it only boasted two billion systems in 2006, it's set to reach 200 billion connected devices by 2020 — and even more beyond that.As companies and consumers all continue to…
Feb 21
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Feb 13