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MARK W. WESTLAKE shared their blog post on Facebook
Dec 7, 2017
MARK W. WESTLAKE commented on David Oro's blog post Why There’s No Killer App for IoT
"Well said.  We have a saying here at GearBrain, "if the gadget doesn't have a purpose, it's just a gadget.  And we don't need any more gadgets!"  This applies to both consumers and industries looking for Iot to simplify their lives.  Killer app is o…"
Nov 28, 2017
MARK W. WESTLAKE posted a blog post
This is my first post on IoT Central.  Looking forward to hearing more about IoT from the members.  

I am curious to see what people think of the MKR Labs report on how hackers can turn your Amazon Echo into a listening device.  According to the re…
Aug 2, 2017
MARK W. WESTLAKE updated their profile photo
Aug 2, 2017