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Mia DeStephano posted a blog post
Low-power microcontrollers are a suitable choice for object detection in various scenarios where energy efficiency and resource constraints are important considerations. Here are some key situations where low-power controllers are particularly…
May 20
Mia DeStephano posted a blog post
Data is a critical resource in IoT that enables organizations to gain insights into their operations, optimize processes, and improve customer experience. It is important to understand the cost of managing and processing data, as it can be…
May 6
Mia DeStephano posted a blog post
Adaptive systems and models at runtime refer to the ability of a system or model to dynamically adjust its behavior or parameters based on changing conditions and feedback during runtime. This allows the system or model to better adapt to its…
May 1
Mia DeStephano posted a blog post
The concept of human-centric sensing has its roots in the early development of IoT. In the early stage, the focus was on creating a network of connected devices that could collect and share data to automate tasks and improve efficiency. However, as…
Apr 21
Mia DeStephano is now a member of IoT Central
Apr 19

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