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Rajashree Rao posted a blog post
The idea of 'Automata' originates from the mythologies of many cultures across the globe. Early inventors and engineers from ancient civilisation such as Greek, Chinese, or Ptolemaic Egyptian attempted to develop a self-operating or automated machin…
Mar 15
Rajashree Rao posted a blog post
Blockchain technology has radically transformed and gained traction in the capital markets industry as one of the most revolutionary technological developments in the recent history. The last few decades was about the 'Internet of information.' Now…
Mar 2
Rajashree Rao posted a blog post
In my last article, I discussed the evolution of Cloud Computing technology and how Cloud has been a paradigm shift for the Digital Transformation. Cloud provides the businesses with unheralded flexibility while offering them greater versatility and…
Feb 19
Rajashree Rao posted a blog post
The Cloud Computing is an Information Technology (IT) paradigm shift which enables ubiquitous or on-demand delivery of computing resources over the internet. Configurable systems, resources and advanced-level services can be rapidly provisioned with…
Feb 14
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Feb 13
Rajashree Rao posted a blog post
In my last article, I discussed the history and evolution of UAVs or drones and the military use-cases. Over the past few years, there has been a paradigm shift in the adoption of drones, expansion of usage cross industries, and overall global aware…
Feb 12
Rajashree Rao posted a blog post
It is the 'Era' of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), or Unmanned Aerial System (UAS), an all-encompassing term which includes the aircraft or the UAV, and the ground-based controller (the person operating the machine), and the system of communications…
Feb 4
Rajashree Rao posted a blog post
The revolution of digital technology has disrupted and transformed the entire Media Industry. The evolution of print to online media has significantly impacted the individual, business, society, and nation overall. The digitization has changed the j…
Feb 2
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Jan 29
Rajashree Rao posted a blog post
The Blockchain is the invisible technology that is revolutionizing the future of the world economy. Big Corporations are racing to build Blockchain platforms for harnessing the digital transformation across industries and businesses. The Blockchain…
Jan 23
Rajashree Rao posted a blog post
Here's Wishing you a Very Happy, Smart, and Innovative New Year! 
Internet of Things (IoT) has been revolutionizing the world with its millions of innovations. In 2017 IoT reached its milestone by creating several break-throughs with significant tec…
Jan 19
Rajashree Rao posted a blog post
Recently, Apple unveiled its iconic iPhone X calling it to be the future of the "Smart Phone" with its new feature called 'Face ID' to unlock the phone without a home button. Apparently, the Face ID uses the infrared system to scan users face, to un…
Dec 14, 2017
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Dec 10, 2017
Rajashree Rao posted a blog post
Internet of Things (IoT) is poised to disrupt every sector in this world. The transportation industry is one of the significant ones amongst the others. According to a new market research report "The IoT market in Intelligent Transportation Systems…
Sep 28, 2017
Rajashree Rao posted a blog post
The Internet of Things (IoT) wave is primed to be the cause of the next big digital disruption, and it will transform the way an individual works and lives today. According to the market research, “The global Internet of Things (IoT) healthcare mark…
Sep 19, 2017
Rajashree Rao posted a blog post
According to Wikipedia, an Intranet is a private network accessible only to an organization's staff. The organization-wide intranet refers to the internal IT system which has all the company related information and services that would not be availab…
Sep 13, 2017