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Rob Tiffany posted a blog post
When I think about the things that held the planet together in 2020, it was digital experiences delivered over wireless connectivity that made remote things local.While heroes like doctors, nurses, first responders, teachers, and other essential…
Jan 4, 2021
Rob Tiffany posted a blog post
A company is a collection roles filled by people who are assisted by machines, networks, and software to accomplish tasks needed to achieve the goals of the organization. Can these roles be represented by #DigitalTwins and can #Bots carry out their…
May 18, 2020
Rob Tiffany posted a blog post
Most assets are massively underutilized. This fact is often discovered once assets are made smart & connected to the world of the Internet of Things.Finding ways to increase the utilization of these often-idle assets is one of the biggest payoffs…
Dec 6, 2018

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