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Robson Jhon posted a discussion
I am working on Micro-controllers from few time but while working on it had some doubt which I really need to clear and I apologize in advance if my question will be inappropriate but I really need clear this question As I am using using Arduino Yu…
Jun 5
Robson Jhon posted a discussion
What are the best way to to use single stack system in cloud database which store the otutput data of temperature sensor, Which cloud service is best to resolve the mentioned below queries: - Compare the data with other temperature sensor which is…
May 29
Robson Jhon replied to Snart's discussion Industrial IOT Monitoring system interfacing with cloud
"Well pycom has its own cloud services for using these services you should go through documentation Majorly AWS cloud is used in Pycom but for simulation of your program you can also use Pybytes to work offline with Pycom
Apr 24