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Sandeep raut posted blog posts
Oct 23, 2017
Sandeep raut posted a blog post
Digital disruption is omnipresent, get on board or get thrown off the track.
Digital is no longer a purview of only Banking, Insurance, Healthcare or Retail. The Restaurant industry is having pressure from multiple directions. 
Today’s consumer expe…
Oct 2, 2017
Sandeep raut posted a blog post
Gone are the days when brand communication was mostly made up of ads that appeared on billboards, in magazines and/or on television. Today, all of this is augmented with Digital revolution.The fashion industry is engaging with digital technology in…
Sep 18, 2017
Sandeep raut posted a blog post
In this Digital age, every organization is trying to apply machine learning and artificial intelligence to their internal and external data to get actionable insights which will help them to be closer to today’s customer.

A few years back it was th…
Sep 13, 2017
Sandeep raut posted a blog post
Digitization is disrupting every business and is spreading like a wild fire across every sector such as Banking, Financial Services, Insurance, Retail, and Manufacturing.Digital Transformation does not happen overnight. It is a continuous process. T…
Sep 3, 2017
Sandeep raut posted a blog post
We are all familiar with machine learning in our everyday lives. Both Amazon and Netflix use machine learning to learn our preferences and provide a better shopping and movie experience.Artificial intelligence (AI) has stormed the world today. It is…
Aug 27, 2017
Sandeep raut posted a blog post
Today more than even, every business is focusing on collecting the data and applying analytics to be competitive. Big Data Analytics has passed the hype stage and has become the essential part of business plans.Data Lake is the latest buzzword for d…
Aug 21, 2017
Sandeep raut posted a blog post
Data Visualization is not new, it has been around in various forms for more than thousands of years. 
Ancient Egyptians used symbolic paintings, drawn on walls & pottery, to tell timeless stories of their culture for generations to come.
Human brain…
Aug 13, 2017
Sandeep raut posted a blog post
As mentioned by Tom Davenport few years back,Data Scientist is still a hottest job of century.Data scientists are those elite people who solve business problems by analyzing tons of data and communicate the results in a very compelling way to senior…
Aug 6, 2017
Sandeep raut posted a blog post
Customer analytics has been one of hottest buzzwords for years. Few years back it was only marketing department’s monopoly carried out with limited volumes of customer data, which was stored in relational databases like Oracle or appliances like Ter…
Jul 30, 2017
Sandeep raut posted a blog post
Just before 2007, we didn't have access to smartphones like iPhone or social media apps like Instagram, Whatsapp and even email was much more limited only to desktops. Zoom in to Today - Digital Transformation has revolutionized everything we do. It…
Jul 24, 2017
Sandeep raut posted a blog post
The digital revolution has created significant opportunities and threats for every industry. Companies that cannot or do not make significant changes faster to their business model in response to a disruption are unlikely to surviveIt is extremely i…
Jul 15, 2017
Sandeep raut posted a blog post
Augmented reality (AR) means amplified reality with graphics, sounds, haptic feedback and smell to the natural world as it exists. Virtual objects and information are displayed on top of the physical world, will make its way to our phones.Just like…
Jul 10, 2017
Sandeep raut posted a blog post
Digital Transformation is a phenomenon that every company must deal with and it is a reality. It is a top priority for boardroom executives. Most companies know that digital transformation is vital to survival.Customers are demanding new instant exp…
Jul 2, 2017
Sandeep raut posted a blog post
Digital Transformation has brought in all the new concepts and technologies at the hands of consumers and businesses alike.Digital Twin is one of them. It is a virtual image of your machine or asset, maintained throughout thelife cycle and easily ac…
Jun 27, 2017
Sandeep raut posted a blog post
While many organizations are creating tremendous value from the IoT, some organizations are still struggling to get started.  It has now become one of the key element of Digital Transformation that is driving the world in many respects.It is really…
Jun 13, 2017