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Snart posted a discussion
Hi, I want to send the readings of wireless pressure sensor -;;}" data-sheets-userformat="{"2":513,"3":{"1":0},"12":0}">…
Dec 6
Snart replied to Vishal Singh's discussion IoT Data Ingestion and Latency Test Tool for Azure, AWS and IBM Watson
What tools does this platform provides to connect the Zigbee module sensor ? As I am working on of the mesh based Wireless sensor but due to much new to area, I am bit confused what application will be helpfu; to connect the sensors with univers…"
Jun 25
Snart replied to Robson Jhon's discussion Integration of IOT wireless sensor with MS DOS commands
"Yes it is possible to use MS DOS commands to use wireless sensor but you need to know about any command line interface which help  MS DOS to understand the proper functions because DOS will only help you to implement new Directory or share directori…"
Jun 19
Snart replied to Robson Jhon's discussion Using Single Stack System in cloud database for mesh sensors communicating with single IOT micro-controller
"Well you have to create your own code in command line which will act as single stack system it is similar to ring buffer system this array system will compare data of more than one sensor which comes and update new change in their list 
But for cach…"
Jun 8
Snart posted a discussion
Now-a-days IOT plays most important role in techies and by going with it I am doing some research on using different IOT based I2C Environmental sensors to interface with open soruce board (such as Pycom) and monitor and read the data using LCD scre…
Apr 17