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Somjit Amrit posted a blog post
Posted on August 14, 2017 by somjitamrit

The other day we were discussing and debating on a solution to be designed to meet the sensing needs for access, temperature and humidity for some devices with form part of a networking infrastructure ecosy…
Somjit Amrit commented on Somjit Amrit's blog post The High Potency of Low Power in IoT Eco-System
"Thanks Houser , you have brought in an interesting use case . My point was trying to get power from ambient conditions ( like Solar , Temp gradient ( Peltier) as well .

If you have nay inputs would be happy to get shared .

My email id is somjitamr…"
Somjit Amrit posted a blog post
The last count on the number of IoT Platforms which are jostling for space in the crowded IoT market place is 460 . There are analyst reports galore which explain the features and benefits of these platforms.
For an IoT platform to be called as a co…
Somjit Amrit posted a blog post
Among the words, phrases and acronyms in the Tech worlds “Platform” seems to be a word which seems to grab the headlines. If one listens to any pitch from a start up venture it would be not uncommon to get the “platform pitch”in at least 1 out of 2…
Aug 10
Somjit Amrit posted a blog post
In one of the previous blogs “ If data is the hero , is device a super hero “ I had shared the need to provide  device and the device health monitoring due importance as we aggregate data and work on them to whip up insights .
The network characteri…
Aug 8
Somjit Amrit posted a blog post
To monetize any engagement or a project, data is a critical element. Data needs to be cleaned, aggregated, ingested, modeled and analyzed to provide business insights which are actionable. A project which is addressing defined business use case woul…
Aug 4
An enthusiast with a healthy blend of business and technology , with an avowed interest to take new technologies like IoT mainstream .
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Aug 3