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Victor Polyakov posted a blog post
We’ve tested AggreGate Server on Nanopi NEO, one of the smallest Linux-based single-board PCs.Despite its small size, this device simply rules! It has RAM 512 Mb on board, 1,2 GHz quad-core CPU, 10/100M Ethernet network interface, and many other int…
Aug 2
Victor Polyakov posted a blog post
What are common features of IIoT and SCADA/HMI and differences between them? And what advantages do Internet of Things Platforms have over SCADA systems? Find out answers in our new presentation.

Will SCADA Systems Survive? The Future of Distribute…
Jun 4
Victor Polyakov posted blog posts
May 22
Victor Polyakov posted a blog post
Tibbo announced the release 5.4 of AggreGate IoT Integration Platform.We've achieved great results in optimizing AggreGate server performance, especially event and value update storage performance. From now on, a single server can process and persis…
Apr 6
Victor Polyakov posted a blog post
In this article, I’ll keep introducing AggreGate IoT Platform-based products. In 2010, two years after AggreGate Network Manager release, we started AggreGate SCADA/HMI project ‒ fourth-generation SCADA system.
So what is fourth-generation SCADA? 
Dec 11, 2016
Victor Polyakov posted a blog post
The Internet evolution has achieved the level when it is simply here for us at all times. We don’t even think of how we connect to a network, nor analyze the connection technical details, as well as we don’t care about who our communications service…
Dec 9, 2016