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William Jones commented on Luke Ryan's blog post How IoT Will Transform The Automotive Industry
"IoT plays a major role in the Automotive industry. The major use case of IoT automotive solutions are connected cars, asset management, fleet management, In-vehicle infotainment, and much more. "
May 12, 2020
William Jones commented on Ravindra Savaram's blog post IoT in Healthcare: Applications and Challenges
"Thanks for sharing this wonderful post on the applications of IoT in healthcare.
Yes, IoT healthcare solution plays a major role in the healthcare industry: IoT for Patients, IoT for Physicians, IoT for Hospitals, IoT for Health Insurance Companies,…"
Apr 23, 2020
William Jones commented on Darren Tessitore's blog post Never Miss A Beat with Predictive Maintenance
"This piece of content is really an insightful one. Yes, stats have proven that 18% of the failure occurs due to prolonged usage of the assets and the remaining 82% of the failure occurs because of the poor maintenance and failing to predict the same…"
Apr 8, 2020
William Jones commented on Paxton Johnson's blog post 5 Innovative Ways IoT Can Help Farms
"IoT enabled smart farming solution can help the farms in the following ways:

Soil condition monitoring
Climate monitoring
Crop monitoring
Livestock management
Pest management
Greenhouse automation

Apr 3, 2020
William Jones commented on Avi Nowitz's blog post Industrial IoT Predictions for 2018
"Thanks for sharing an insightful piece of content. Also, I came across some market survey reports which say that only 18% of the asset failure occurs due to the prolonged usage 82% occur due to poor maintenance and not being able to predict this…"
Apr 2, 2020
William Jones commented on Nate Vickery's blog post Cars and Car Transportation in The Internet of Things Era
"Yes! Electric vehicles are on a steady rise. Being that said, Almost 80% of the Electric buses are expected to occupy city fleets by 2040. And IoT plays a major role in this by leveraging the electric vehicle with IoT enabled monitoring solution. …"
Apr 2, 2020
William Jones commented on Sanjeev Verma's blog post Top 6 stumbling blocks for Industrial IoT implementation
"An insightful article though! Here is another informative article on the Industrial IoT solutions and how it is transforming the industries digitally."
Mar 26, 2020
William Jones commented on Sundar Krish's blog post How Much Does it Cost to Build an IoT App?
"Yes, The cost to build an IoT app definitely depends upon the business model, project size, team size required, technologies involved, etc. There are various factors involved for just quoting the price of app development. If anyone looking for a…"
Mar 26, 2020
William Jones commented on Mayur Panchal's blog post Why IoT in Smart Farming is Revolutionary for the Agriculture Industry
"In this fast-paced digital transformation era, we must agree with the fact that the future of the agriculture sector is smart farming & smart agriculture. IoT based smart agriculture system helps to scale up production. There are various benefits…"
Mar 25, 2020
William Jones commented on Phillip Tracy's blog post Top 5 Industrial IoT use cases
"An insightful post on the top use cases in Industrial IoT though! Here are my thoughts on smart metering in the energy and utility sector.
A smart metering system helps to provide a secure and scalable solution to analyze the meter data for better…"
Mar 11, 2020
William Jones commented on Kapil Rawal's blog post How IoT can make agriculture more profitable and crop healthier at every step
"This post is indeed an informative one. IoT plays a major role in the Agriculture sector. Also, we must agree with the fact that smart farming is the future of the Agriculture industry. Implementing smart agriculture solutions helps to improve…"
Jan 11, 2020
William Jones commented on Sandeep raut's blog post Why Data Visualization Matters Now?
"This article is indeed a very interesting one. I liked the way of explanation comparing with daily life examples. When it comes to data visualization in IoT, IoT data visualization is also a technique where the raw data is presented into an…"
Jan 2, 2020
William Jones commented on David Oro's blog post Internet of Things (IoT) and Fleet Management System (FMS)
"Insightful post. Implementing an effective fleet management solution helps in minimizing the operational risks, helps in supporting wide range of aspects in terms of finacial aspects, transperancy, maintenance etc. "
Dec 11, 2019
William Jones commented on Jessica Bennett's blog post What to Expect from IoT in Mobile App Development in 2020?
"Hi Jessica, Thanks for sharing this inisghtful post. "
Dec 11, 2019
William Jones is now a member of IoT Central
Dec 6, 2019

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