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Yuliya Gudkova posted a blog post
“I talk to a dozen or more companies involved in IoT every week. One thing they all have in common is their desire for the projected IoT volumes and revenues to come to fruition...the sooner the better”.
Mike Krell
Analyst at Moor Insights & Strat…
Feb 28
Yuliya Gudkova posted a blog post
The Internet of Things is now widely used in a wide array of business verticals like manufacturing, healthcare, logistics, and more. According to the latest research data, the number of IoT connected devices, which made up ~4,9 million things in 201…
Jan 8
Yuliya Gudkova posted a blog post
What if a modern office could live on its own? What if it became an ecosystem that could function clearly, without any extra controls, providing all that is needed to support work activities? Sounds too perfect, doesn’t it? However, here we are goin…
Dec 20, 2017