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kritesh commented on David Oro's blog post IoT 2020: Smart and secure IoT platform
"If you want to secure your platforms then you can take help for IOT.With the help of IOT Training Course you will have wide range to work in technologies."
Nov 14
kritesh replied to Jen McDade's discussion How is IoT impacting our daily lives?
"For personal health, the possibilities are even more extensive. 3d-printed wristbands for reading vital signs are already in development. With the long list of wearables already in circulation, we can track even more: sleeping patterns, nutritional…"
Aug 21
kritesh replied to Azharuddin's discussion Real Time Applications of Internet of Things
"Thanks a lot for sharing real time applications for IOT. With the help of Iot you can manage business easily. If you want to learn iot things then you can join iot course in noida where you will learn the concepts  and its real time applications."
Jul 27
kritesh replied to Olha Bohun's discussion Do you believe that IoT has the potential to shape the future of the energy sector?
"Above points will helps iot to shape your future for energy sector
1. Modernizing infrastructure and improving operations2. Enhancing efficiency and cost savings3. Business transformation services for more value-added services to consumers"
Jul 11
kritesh commented on Mehul Rajput's blog post All That You Need to Know About The Internet of Things Security
"Thanks a lot Mehul for sharing information for IOT Security. With the help of IOT Security you can protect your data and IOT will strength authenticity at various IT level security application."
Jul 10