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Cloud computing enables all kinds of smart devices to connect to the Internet and exchange information, which has won the favor of end users and has become a mainstream application trend. Various use cases of cloud computing have been pervasive: for…
Feb 13
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Check what you want now!
Jan 8
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Spring festival tival Sale on the way!
The final sale of 2022 is starting now, CAN modem with HUGE deals at Ebyte.
Jan 8
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Jan 8
tracyyun posted a blog post
GNSS is the general term for all navigation and positioning satellites, that is, the Global Navigation Satellite System (Global Navigation Satellite System). BDS, GLONASS in Russia, GALILEO in Europe, etcetera. We can also simply understand it as a…
Nov 6, 2022
tracyyun posted a blog post
E104-BT10 is a SIG MESH-based networking module that supports SIG MESH's Generic on/off, HSL model, and data transparent transmission model. Users can use it to quickly build a MESH network, which can be used in smart homes, parking lots,…
Sep 18, 2022
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Aug 15, 2022
tracyyun posted a blog post
In battery-powered microcontroller applications, energy savings are critical. Reduce battery charging times and replacement time by reducing current consumption. Microcontroller software design should follow these guidelines to reduce current…
Aug 7, 2022
tracyyun posted a blog post
What is edge acquisition?
1. Introduction to edge acquisition
Edge acquisition is to abstract data (such as ModBus registers) on external devices (such as ModBus devices) into internal data points of the device (E870-D1). Configuring and reading…
Jul 25, 2022
tracyyun posted a blog post
MEMS sensor (Microelectro Mechanical Systems) refers to an industrial technology that combines microelectronic circuit technology with micromechanical systems. Its internal structure is generally in the order of micrometers or even nanometers.…
Jul 17, 2022
tracyyun posted a blog post
The wireless module is a modular product of digital data transmission radio. It refers to a high-performance professional data transmission radio module realized with the help of single-chip microcomputer technology and radio technology. The…
Jul 11, 2022
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Jun 15, 2022
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Jun 14, 2022

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