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Featured Podcast Episodes

In this episode of the IoT Central Podcast Series, Jan Jongoom and Johan Stokking discuss company building, startup life, their CTO career paths, machine learning, LoRaWAN, IoT technologies and developer communities. Learn from two leading startup CTOs and enjoy their personal stories and fun quirks.

Jan Jongboom , CTO & Co-Founder of Edge Impulse
Johan Stokking , CTO & Co-Founder of The Things Industries

Run Time: 32 minutes

In this IoT Central podcast episode, learn how manufacturing companies are challenged with creating a more sustainable product while keeping costs low and valuable resources, labor and visibility intact. Listen to an actual IoT implementation from Bill Dykas, Product Manager at Telit and Grace Lancaster, Product Manager at Lantech. Bill and Grace discuss why IoT is so important inside the manufacturing sector to create unmatched data visibility for real-time decisions, cost savings and reduced downtime.

Bill Dykas, Product Manager, Telit
Grace Lancaster, Product Manager, Lantech

Run Time: 24 minutes

In this episode of the IoT Central Podcast Series, Loic Bonvarlet and Toby Grimshaw discuss the highlights of mobile ecosystem's biggest event MWC'21 Barcelona. Hear what's new in the world of IoT, 5G, SIM and cellular connectivity of all kinds and how 'any device, any network, any cloud' can help you serve global IoT markets.

Learn from their tips on navigating the new world of eSIM, iSIM, RSP and other confusing acronyms. And, what's the most fun and memorable IoT product they have come across?

Loic Bonvarlet, VP of Product and Marketing, Kigen
Toby Grimshaw, Senior Director of Business Development, Kigen

Run Time: 38 minutes

In this episode of the IoT Central Podcast, Ricardo Buranello from Telit shares his deep insights into the fast-moving world of Industrial IoT. Hear him talk about the important security, connectivity, implementation, and scaling challenges and how they can be solved.

Topics include the relevance of IoT for the manufacturing industry and technologies on the factory floor, OT complexity of different protocols and how to integrate IT and OT, how cloud and edge technology can co-exist in IoT and the advantages of IoT specifically for OEM/machine builders

Guest: Ricardo Stefanato Buranello, Head of Platforms Business Unit, Telit

Run Time: 27 minutes