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IoTC Webinar Series: Accelerating Innovation on the IoT Edge with Integrated SIM (iSIM)

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Cellular IoT is changing. Integrating security at the smallest levels of a device with the integrated iSIM is a reality now and opening new paradigms of endpoint innovation. Manufacturers and businesses can now quickly move and innovate from concept to finished product while leveraging the latest in ML and AI combined with global connectivity.

Join Kigen, 451 Research, Flex and Edge Impulse as they explore the latest trends and developments shaping secure, intelligent edge future and surface the latest opportunities enabled by iSIM technology.

In this latest IoT Central webinar, you will:

  • Learn how to navigate through the choices across SIM, eSIM and iSIM and what’s best for your product
  • See quickstart tools and cool demos that can move you from concept to product
  • Experience the supercharge potential of TinyML and iSIM


Loic Bonvarlet, VP Product and Marketing at Kigen
Brian Partridge, Research Director for Infrastructure and Cloud Technologies at 451 Research
Juan Nogueira, Senior Director, Connectivity, Global Technology Team at FLEX
Jan Jongboom, CTO and Co-Founder at Edge Impulse

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