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Arduino Portenta X8: Superpower Your Linux Applications with Real-Time Execution

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In this IoT Central webinar, learn about the new and powerful Arduino Portenta X8. See a demonstration on how this industrial-grade SOM with Linux OS (preloaded) is capable of running device-independent software by leveraging its modular container architecture.

See how the Portenta X8 performs by combining the two best approaches: the flexibility of Linux and real-time applications through the Arduino environment. By using the X8 with a Portenta Max Carrier (or other compatible carriers) attendees will see how the X8 creates a powerful Linux computer, capable of controlling sophisticated industrial equipment and machinery.

In this webinar will, you will also learn about:
• Real-world applications of Arduino Pro products
• How to deploy a web server over Wi-Fi
• How to implement a data logging and gateway for remote monitoring via the Arduino IoT Cloud

Presenter: Andrea Richetta, Head of Customer Success at Arduino Pro

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