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Delivering IoT Prototypes at Full Throttle

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In this IoT Central webinar, you will learn how you can begin validating and iterating your project in weeks.

It's been reported that 75% of IoT projects will fail, so it's no surprise that rapid prototyping is critical for delivering proof of concept. The faster you can get your solution into the hands of users to test in the real world and generate data with actionable insights, the faster you can work through the complexity, identify problems, iterate, and move forward with a competitive solution that provides value. Very's cross-disciplinary team of engineers is known for its rapid delivery of prototypes. Attend this webinar to learn key success criteria we've developed for rapid prototyping of IoT solutions.

Topics in this webinar will include:

• Driving rapidly toward business value
• Choosing the right project methodology
• Leveraging the most effective tools
• Working with top dev boards and kits - or making your own
• Real-life results of these practices in action

With early working prototypes, you'll be testing and iterating in a matter of weeks. Register today to reserve your spot and learn how.

Bill Flaherty, Director, Hardware Engineering, Very
Adam Drewery, Manager of Hardware Engineering, Very
Jake Washam, Senior Mechanical Engineer, Very
Daniel Fudge, Director of ML and Data Engineering, Very

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