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Factory 5.0: ML-Powered Manufacturing Workshop

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This on-demand two-hour workshop is hosted by Arduino PRO’s enterprise-class hardware and Edge Impulse, the world’s leading embedded ML platform for the enterprise. This workshop caters to professionals who are seeking to learn how to build AI-powered solutions for manufacturing processes.

Smart Industry is here and it's helping almost every industry do a lot more with a lot less. From logistics, manufacturing, automotive, retail, oil & gas, pharma, to medicine, companies can start the process of digitization step by step just using the visual data they have accumulated via cameras, advanced MCUs, and machine learning. Such AI-powered systems can provide more than just accurate results but can help humans get more done, eliminating mundane and repetitive tasks.

Sample use cases that can be applied to most other industries:

• Learn how to apply computer vision to determine counterfeit
• Scan for defective goods during the packaging processes
• Use machine vision to find objects or humans in restricted areas
• Use computer vision for quality control of pests in agriculture
• Apply computer vision for maintaining security perimeters
• Deploy AI to control the goods on the shelves of the supermarket

Instructor: Jenny Plunkett, Sr Developer Relations Engineer, Edge Impulse
Guest: Andrea Richetta, Head of Arduino PRO Customer Success

Optional hardware used in this workshop (available from
Core Board: Arduino Portenta H7 Lite
Vision Shield: Arduino Portenta Vision Shield - Ethernet

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