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How to Calculate OEE and Maximize Manufacturing Production

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In this IoT Central Webinar, see how overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) is a key performance indicator (KPI) created to measure manufacturing performance. OEE calculation and improvement empowers manufacturers with higher efficiency and quality and reduces costs. Scored from 0% to 100%, an OEE of 100% means the manufacturing unit is performing at peak capacity.

Manufacturers apply the calculation in various ways. Reasons behind the differing formulas include:

- Lack of available data
- Unique line details
- Management preferences

The complexity is in the challenges of obtaining reliable data from machines and processes and transforming that data to improve performance.

Join Telit for a webinar to learn how Telit deviceWISE® IIoT platform enables your devices and systems to communicate. With deviceWISE, you can collect and visualize real-time data from any machine without custom code. It can calculate OEE and other KPIs for you to help you maximize production and performance.

Attendees will learn:

- OEE formulas and how to calculate them
- Use cases for calculating OEE
- How to overcome shop floor challenges

Ricardo Buranello, SVP, IoT Platforms Business Unit, Telit

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