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IoT Central Webinar Series: What People REALLY Do with the Internet of Things and Big Data

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Are you developing a winning Internet of Things (IoT) strategy? Or are you being outflanked by the competition again? IoT is a huge market expansion that will hit $14 trillion by 2020. A lot of that is in your industry. The Internet of Things market expansion is a chance to get out in front of the competition. Sadly, some will take a wait and see approach on IoT until others take the lead. A robust IoT initiative can move your company from the sidelines to market leadership. And all this means big data is getting a lot bigger.

This IoT Central Webinar digs deep into real world implementations. Experts will discuss the IoT research results from clients with hands-on implementations. It all starts with the business drivers that lead to actual projects. Later the focus shifts to technical drivers and the implications. Real implementations illustrate the value of analytics. Come find out what happens when big data meets the Internet of Things.

Attendees will learn:

  • The business drivers of end-user organizations implementing IoT
  • Who are the champions driving IoT initiatives? Hint: It’s not IT
  • Popular devices being monitored with sensor data
  • Discover which analytics are applied to sensor data
  • Which analytical platforms are supporting IoT initiatives
  • How many organizations are already on their second IoT project


John L Myers, Managing Research Director of Analytics , Enterprise Management Associates

Dan Graham, Director of Technical Marketing -- Teradata

Hosted by: David Oro, Editorial Director -- IoT Central

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