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IoT: Tackling the Data Management and Analytics Challenge

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Data management and analytics tools will be the core enabler of new values created by the intersection of the Internet of Things (IoT), people and the physical world. However, challenges related to IoT data management and analytics are currently hindering the implementation of increasingly complex IoT applications that will drive this value.

By providing an offering that addresses these key IoT data challenges, the Vertica Analytics Platform goes far beyond fragmented and legacy systems that are simply not equipped to handle the challenges of IoT data. Harbor Research recently authored a white paper on the HPE Vertica Analytics Platform, which details how Vertica addresses the myriad challenges posed by IoT data.

Join us for this latest IoT Central webinar and you will learn:
-What is really meant by IoT data management and analytics
-Why legacy solutions are not suited to handle IoT data
-How Vertica’s key functionalities and ecosystem address the challenges of IoT data
-How equipment manufacturers and IoT platform providers can act as catalysts for delivering IoT data management and analytics solutions

Speakers: Alex Glaser, Director of Development - Harbor Research
Walter Scheib, Senior Associate - Harbor Research

Hosted by: David Oro, Editorial Director -- IoT Central

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  • This is very interesting, and I appreciate the videos too. I believe that in recent years these challenges have only intensified and magnified as the data science industry has ballooned, and as IoT, LTE 450 MHz has been taken up in so many more industries and sectors. 

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