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Show Me the Money: Developing a Compelling IoT Value Proposition and Business Model

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In this latest IoT Central workshop, learn how the Internet of Things is rapidly changing how we interact with our customers and putting new demands on the enterprise. In order to compete, you need a strategic approach built on a solid IoT-centric value proposition and business model.

This workshop will teach you the importance of Value Proposition Design, survey proven IoT business models, and then explain a simple-to-use framework to create a winning IoT strategy.

In this sixty-minute workshop you will learn:

  • The most important IoT fundamentals and how they are changing
  • The benefits of IoT to your customer and your business
  • What value proposition design is and why it’s essential for your IoT strategy
  • The important types of IoT business models
  • How using an IoT Value Proposition Canvas simplifies the value proposition process
  • How to start or accelerate your IoT journey after you’ve crafted your own value proposition

Instructor: Brian Tol, Vice President of Engineering at SpinDance

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