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Webinar Series: Fast and Fearless - The IoT Software Developer Experience

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Webinar Series: Fast and Fearless - The Future of IoT Software Development
Part One of Four: The IoT Software Developer Experience

The IoT is transforming the software landscape. What was a relatively straightforward embedded software stack, has been revolutionized due to the IoT where developers juggle specialized workloads, security, machine learning, real-time connectivity, managing devices in the field - the list goes on.

How can our industry help developers prototype ‘fearlessly’ because the tools and platforms allow them to navigate varying IoT components? How can developers move to production quickly, capitalizing on innovation opportunities in emerging IoT markets?

This webinar series will take you through the fundamental steps, tools and opportunities for simplifying IoT development. Each webinar will be a panel discussion with industry experts who will share their experience and development tips on the below topics.

In this latest IoT Central webinar, you will learn:

  • Development challenges engineers are facing today
  • How the industry is helping to make IoT development easier
  • Overview of development processes, including cloud-based continuous integration (CI) workflows and low-code development
  • What the future looks like for developers building for the IoT


  • Joe Alderson, Director of Embedded Tools and User Experience at Arm
  • Ihor Dvoretskyi, Developer Advocate at Cloud Native Computing Foundation
  • Pamela Cortez, IoT Developer Advocate and Sr. Program Manager at Microsoft Azure IoT
  • Katherine Scott, Developer Advocate at Open Robotics

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